Data Analyst Resume Sample

When applying for a Data Analyst role, you'll need to create a compelling resume to showcase your education, experience and relevant skills. Use the sample Data Analyst resume below to kickstart your resume writing.

Lucie Whitehouse

Tobey, California(555)

Professional Summary

Data Analyst with experience in data storage, cleansing and confidentiality aims to protect and understand company data as well as utilize it to create better sales strategies in the Data Analyst role at ACME Corp.


  • Data mining, data technologies, data warehousing, data visualization, data quality assessment, data protection and data encryption

  • Analytical skills, including using data analysis to create better corporate strategies for sales; knowledge of statistics, research, analysis and mathematics that allows me to seek out the most important aspects of data analysis for an employer’s ultimate goal, be it data protection, analysis, cleansing or storage

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, MiniTab, AdWords, SQL, Tableau, Sharepoint, HTML5, Java and C++

  • Troubleshooting experience, including finding issues in corporate data configurations and computer issues—both hardware and software-based

  • Experience training new employees and creating a comfortable atmosphere where individuals can learn as they go, providing a smoother transition for all employees

Work History

  • Research company data through modeling, mining and analysis; build company strategies based on data research to progress sales, minimize cost and improve operations

  • Employee of the Year (2015)

  • Filter and clean data by reviewing reports and other performance indicators to correct problems with coding

  • Protect and keep company data confidential through advanced procedures, including implementing a new encryption system

  • Used data analytics to create profiles of current customers and prospective customers

  • Conducted, analyzed, and compiled market research for company use

  • Created easy-to-understand business proposals with analytical findings for department meetings

  • Presented data and conclusions to team and proposed solutions in order to improve company strategies and operations

  • Identified patterns of customer behavior through data analytics along with a team of other Analysts

  • Created data spreadsheets of analytical findings using Microsoft Excel

  • Worked closely with management to compile project findings to present to the team

  • Provided support to senior Data Analyst staff


Additional Information

  • Languages: Fluent Spanish and Conversational French and Portuguese

  • Member of the Digital Data Analysts Association

  • Certified Analytics Professional and Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences