Nurse Practitioner Resume Sample

With a position such as a Nurse Practitioner that requires a graduate degree, employers are going to look for stellar resumes of individuals with prior experience and relevant special skills. Below you can find a Nurse Practitioner resume sample you can use to guide your search for a new job in this exciting and growing field.

Marie Hammond

Livingston, Connecticut(555)

Professional Summary

Highly trained and skilled nursing professional with extensive medical background seeks the Nurse Practitioner position with ACME Corp.


  • Cooperating and working with individuals of different backgrounds for the common goal of patient care.

  • Comfort and ease with children of all ages, diverse backgrounds and serious illnesses

  • Interpreting findings based on medical testing, patient histories and symptomatic responses to stimuli

  • Administering and prescribing medications, therapy and other treatments for various maladies

  • Communicating with parents of children in pediatric care as well as an ability to create a soothing, calm atmosphere for both scared children and nervous parents

Work History

  • Provide direct medical care, medication prescriptions and consultations to patients age 1 to 18

  • Track patient statuses and progress from intake to discharge; communicate directly with patients and families on how to manage illnesses or injuries

  • Train new hospital staff, Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners on the floor

  • Consult with other healthcare professionals on treatment strategies to ensure patients are treated efficiently

  • Assisted in hiring and training new Registered Nurses

  • Communicated with Physicians and patients

  • Administered medications to patients aged 1 to 18

  • Oversaw staff work and assignments, scheduling and shift management

  • Communicated with Physicians and patients

  • Worked with senior nursing staff to provide care to patients aged 1 to 18

  • Administered medications, performed medical tests and procedures, and provided support to senior staff

  • Completed graduate nurse training period with hospital post-undergrad education


Additional Information

  • Languages: Fluent in Spanish and Conversational Portuguese, French and French Creole

  • Licenses include MSN, FNP-BC, BCLS, PALS

  • Member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners